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Reiki Healing Bundles


Initial Reiki Healing Session:  $75

Book an initial reiki consult session with me, in-person if you are local, or virtually(distance)!  This initial session lasts about 60-90 min, and allows me to get to know you, assess your blocks either emotionally or physically you would like to clear and heal, learn your goals for healing, and your first reiki healing session. 

"Energy Tune-up" Reiki Bundle:  $240

It is one month (4 sessions), once-a-week, 50 min reiki sessions in person or distance coupled with email availability for questions,  as well as support and information between sessions. 

"Deep Healing" Reiki Bundle: $600

If you are struggling with physical issues, the "deep healing" bundle may be a great option.  The Deep Healing Reiki Bundle consists of 3 months (12 sessions) of weekly, 50 min reiki sessions in person or distance, coupled with email availability for questions and support, as well as information to work on between sessions. 

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