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Doula Services

I am professionally trained in childbirth and doula support to help support you emotionally, physically and educationally while you are expecting.  I have been a doula for over 10 years and have attended over 110 births.  I care about your experience during this special time in your life!  

My purpose is to help you have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience. I will help you before the baby arrives and after to ensure you are prepared, relaxed and comfortable. My goal is to help you feel relaxed, informed, and empowered during the birth.

I will help to provide you comfort with pain-relief techniques including breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, massage, and laboring positions. I will also work with and encourage participation from your partner and offer reassurance.

My doula package includes private childbirth classes, at least 2 prenatal meetings to get to know you and your family and what kind of birth you desire.  It then includes on-call availability between 37-42 weeks, full labor support, and 2 weeks of lactation support when baby is here!  

Doula at Home


Total price $1300 and includes all of the following 

  • Private childbirth classes

  • 2 prenatal meetings

  • On call between 37-42 weeks

  • Full labor support

  • 2 weeks of lactation support

Check to see if you get doula services covered. If you have a flex or HSA plan - many times doulas are covered!  Ask me about a military discount!


Benfits of a doula

There are many benefits of having a doula 

  • Reduce stress by including touch, massage, and breathing techniques into the birthing process.

  • According to research having a doula increases chances of having a positive birth experience and are more likely to reduce pain medications and avoid complications. 

    • 50% less likely to need a cesarean 

  • Research has shown having a doula reduces the length of the labor 

  • Provide emotional reassurance, comfort and encouragement.

Pregnancy Exercise

We go to you

No matter where you have your baby I can be there.  Many people believe that doulas are only involved in home births. Doulas actually do mostly hospital births and can be of greatest assistance there.  I provide local in-person services within 50 miles of Cheyenne, WY.


I will assist you no matter the location (home or hospital) to help the laboring mother with relaxation, position changes, massage, and avoidance of unnecessary interventions. 

Doula Services

Pregnancy support

Emotional Support

Partner Support

Physical Support

Post-Partum Support

Pregnant Woman on Couch

Helping you focus on you and your baby

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