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You are stronger than you know.

Childbirth education courses used to be completed at a hospital, but it does not have to be. Now you can learn about birth expectations right from the comfort of your own home.


Bonus is you get to revisit the information whenever you want and be able to book a one on one consultation with me to answer any questions you still have. 

In Person Group Classes:

I believe you can have an unmedicated, positive birth experience in the home with a certified midwife or the hospital of your choosing!

In this course you will learn what to expect and ways to manage it.

  • As a childbirth educator who has taught both group and private classes, for home and hospital birthers for almost a decade, I am now offering group classes again in Cheyenne through my Birth Center, Earthside Birth and Wellness.  

  • I love information.  I love evidence based birth.  I love empowering people through informed choice.  I'm here to give that to you.  A well-educated, well-armed person in labor can increase their hopes for the labor and birth experience they desire. 

  • Contact me to sign up, or go to:

You will learn about:

Basics of Labor

Prenatal Exercises


Hospital Options


Let me help you have the birth your body & your baby need.

I highly recommend Sarah for any lactation or post-partum needs!

When you have a child, you have all of these expectations of what life will be like when the baby is finally born. For a lot of women, one of those expectations is that you’ll spend sweet moments nursing and caring for your baby. However, many women and their babies struggle to nurse, leading to pain, frustration and disappointment. Put that on top of labor, raging hormones and exhaustion and you have quite the ordeal! When my baby was born, we were both struggling to nurse. I was at the point of mental and emotional exhaustion when my midwife recommended Sarah as a lactation consultant. She welcomed me into her home and gently helped me explore different ways of nursing, offered advice, consolation and finally a plan to get my baby to latch on. With her help I was finally able to breastfeed my child and have the experience I so desperately wanted. My nursing experience didn’t turn out exactly like I expected but I wouldn’t have had the experience that I did without Sarah’s help and expertise. I highly recommend her for any lactation or post-partum needs!

- Michelle H.

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